A Prettier Misson Row PD8/30/2019

  • Old Misson Row PD retextures ported to new MLO interior
  • Fixed Armory door and placed new locks in Mission Row PD

  • Known Issues:
  • Still missing break room table props

Bigger and Badder Misson Row PD8/29/2019

  • New Mission Row PD from SLBK11

  • Known Issues:
  • Missing props in locker room break room
  • Armory Door does not open (temporary teleport placed)
  • New door locks not in place yet, previous doors are still locked. Use old cells until we can get the door hashes.

Added New INTERIORS!8/16/2019

  • LS Central Medical Center
  • The Bay Care Center (Paleto)
  • Ballas Grove St. House in cul-de-sac
  • Families Gang house at Carson Ave and Forum Drive (south corner)
  • Vagos Apartment Complexes in Jamestown (2 buildings)
  • Marabunta Grande Gang house (fudge lane near St. Fi Hospital)
  • Lost MC Repair garage next to clubhouse building
  • Pink Motel Rooms
  • Route 66 Motel Rooms
  • Playboy Mansion GTA:O interior
  • Sandy Shores BCSO expansion
  • Driving School near LSIA warehouses
  • Renovated Benny's Customs
  • Yellow Jack Bar back rooms
  • Multiple undisclosed illegal interiors

Removed Herobrine, Wait... Where the fuck did he come from?!?!8/10/2019

  • Repaired /gloves for female MP peds(supports arms 1 selections up to 112 on female)
  • Fixed bug with LS_Customs where vehicles would become instanced


  • Updated all SAFR Vehicle Liverys (Brush Truck and Silverado will be updated later, Charger and Taurus will not be used)
  • Fixed handling with multiple vehicles
  • Added liverys to Fire Tahoe and Rescue Truck
  • Ladder truck custom camera views Added
  • Disabled casino exterior and penthouse interior until texture issues along grand senora can be resolved
  • Added /pants
  • Added /shoes
  • Added /gloves (supports all arms 1 selections up to arms 96 on male)

Pillbox ER7/23/2019

  • Pillbox ER Added (Lower Level)
  • Pillbox Hospital Parking Added


  • Changing the dynamic of hospitals.. new revive circle in paleto and sandy... when you revive you are now locked in place for 5 minutes.. to do medical RP and also allow cops time to come and get you if you where involved in a crime and revived... SoonTM it will place a call to police if a player commits violence on another player and that person is put into the hospital the staff will "call"
  • Police can now take out there SRT rifle with Z from there car. you no longer need to carry it on you always or have it in your trunk.. please put it in the armory and SRT traind officers can use it with Z on a call when they get out of there car
  • I have decided that for the time being because of the amount of complaints of crime the cartel will not be selling automatic weapons from now untill be determined - skrub
  • Lockpicks now have a 35% brake chance down from 50%... a 15% chance to unlock a cop unchanged... a 25% chance to unlock a normal vehicle up from a 20% chance
  • SlimJims now have a 2% break chance down from a 3%... a 50% unlock chance on a cop car up from a 20%... a 75% chance to unlock a normal vehicle up from a 40%
  • Police vehicles will no longer be able to be stolen fully. you may take them and drive them for the session we will not be adding them to your garage any longer
  • W.I.P - Putting trackers onto police and EMS vehicles being worked on tonight
  • Add function ESX.GetPoliceCount to es_extended
  • Replace code in esx_drugs that ran every 5 seconds with ESX.GetPoliceCount that was throwing server hitch warnings
  • Replace code in esx_vangelicosrobbery with ESX.GetPoliceCount that was throwing server hitch warnings
  • Hopefully resolve console error thrown in esx_datastore
  • Replace a sync query with async in gcphone, but needs much more to fully resolve all hitches (to be continued)
  • You no longer have to doubble unlock a car you remove from the garage